Warranty Policy – Telecom Products

The warranty period of JFA Eletrônicos is one (1) year of legal warranty plus three (3) months of extended warranty granted by JFA Eletrônicos, totaling 1 year and 3 months of warranty. The warranty is against manufacturing defects and its validity starts from the date of sale to the end user. For the user to be entitled to technical assistance or request use of product warranty, it is necessary to present one of the 3 means of proof below:

  1. End-User Purchase Invoice, including the product serial number (this number corresponds to the barcode);
  2. Warranty Certificate that comes in an appendix to the Product Manual, filled out at the time of purchase, dated and stamped by the seller;
  3. Product Barcode, with a serial number that must be within 1 year and 3 months.

JFA Eletrônicos warranty includes responsibility for manufacturing defects, however, if any of the situations below occur, the products will be repaired at the buyer’s expense and responsibility:

For products shipped outside the warranty period, a quote will be sent, with a 15-day deadline for approval and deposit of the repair amount. If the repair is not authorized or we do not receive the deposit amount, the products will be returned to the sender without repairing them. For this service, advance payment only. In case of doubt, please contact our Technical Assistance Department through the emails [email protected] or [email protected] or the telephone number + 55 (31) 2533 6100.