Uninterruptible Power Supply

The JFA UPS ensures uninterrupted power to the equipment and keeps them on when there is an AC power outage (127V/220V mains). Furthermore, it protects against possible damage from the power grid.

The UPS has a connector for connection to a bank of batteries, which are continuously charged by a smart charging system, in addition to a display for voltage and current monitoring.


  • Wireless radio devices
  • Internet transmission and reception antennas
  • Alarm control
  • Emergency and security systems
  • Switching
  • Routers

The Smart Charging System of JFA UPS ensures more efficient recharges, thus extending battery useful life.

They can be found in the tensions: 12V 8A and 24V 6A. See the technical characteristics in the table at the bottom of the page.

Main features

Technical information

  • Mains input

    86 To 240Vac
  • Input frequency

  • Charger output

    13.8 / 14.4V (Smart charger)
  • Performance

  • Mains/battery switching

    Online operation (No switching)
  • Protections

    Short-circuit and overcharging at main outputs and charging; Voltage surges and internal 5A input fuse; Undervoltage in battery mode with 10.5V shutdown
  • Measurements panel

    Output voltage; Battery voltage; Total current (Charger + Main)
  • MTBF

    >60,000 hours (estimated)
  • Ventilation

  • Adaptable dimensions

    1U 19” Rack; Bench - 220x140x44(mm) fastened with screws
  • Weight


Compare the models

MODEL 12V . 8A 24V . 6A
Network input 86 to 240Vac
Input frequency 50/60Hz
Main output 12V 24V
Power 107W 160W
Charger output 13,8 / 14,4V - (Intelligent charger) 27,6 / 28,8V - (Intelligent charger)
Maximum current 8A (Shared main / charger) 6A (Shared main / charger)
Income >87%
Mains / battery switching Online operation (no switching)
ProtectionsShort and overload at main outputs and charging
Voltage surge and internal fuse 5A input
Battery mode undervoltage with 10.5V disconnection
Measurement Panel
Output voltage
Battery voltage
Total current (Charger + Mains)
MTBF >60,000 hours (estimated)
Ventilation Forced
Adaptable dimensions Rack - 19'' 1U
Bench - 220X140X44(mm) with screw fixing

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