Manageable Rectifying UPS

The JFA Manageable Rectifying UPS is ideal for powering equipment requiring continuous and unvarying power flows, a very common demand in the provider market.

In addition, the Managed Rectifying UPS protects the equipment against damage caused by lack of voltage or fluctuations in the mains.

Another positive point of the JFA Managed Rectifying UPS is the functionality of concentrating the power supply for various equipment in the system, thus facilitating the connection at only one point, which allows for the optimization and better organization of the space.

  • Remote Battery Bank Autonomy Test;
  • Management Via SNMP Protocol (ZABBIX environment);
  • Smart Charging System (SCI) for optimizing charging and extending battery useful life.
  • Online operation (No switching)

They can be found in the following voltages: 24V and 48V.

Main features

Technical information

  • Input

    110/220 (+/-20%) - 50/60Hz (automatic dual voltage)
  • Internal processor

    32-bit ARM architecture
  • Mains/battery/mains switching

    Online operation (No switching)
  • Protections

    Input voltage surges; Low input voltage
  • Protections

    Undervoltage in battery mode with shutdown at
  • Protections

    Overcharging (main and charger outputs)
  • Measurements panel

    Output voltage/current; Smart battery charger voltage/current; Input voltage (Vac)
  • Events (Shows the number of times events happened)

    Power outage; Minimum AC mains input voltage; Battery undervoltage shutdown; Overheating shutdown
  • Manager

    Speed: 100Mbs t-Base 8145 IEEE802.3TM
  • Manager

    Auto MDI/MDI-x: Not Supported
  • Manager

    MAC: Yes
  • Manager

    Protocols: ARP - TCP - UDP - DNS - IP - ICMP - HTTP - SNMP
  • Manager

    Network Discovery Over UDP
  • Dimensions

    2U - Rack 19"
  • Cooling

    Forced by cooler, with intelligent rotation control
  • MTBF

    >70,000 (estimated)
  • Output filter

    Balanced with common noise cancellation

Compare the models

24V. 20A. 20A24V20A28,8/27,6V20A1056W
-48V. 15A. 15A-48V15A57,6/55,2V15A1584W
-48V. 30A. 15A-48V30A57,6/55,2V15A2304W
-48V. 40A. 10A-48V40A57,6/55,2V10A2496W
+48V. 15A. 15A+48V15A57,6/55,2V15A1584W
+48V. 30A. 15A+48V30A57,6/55,2V15A2304W
+48V. 40A. 10A+48V40A57,6/55,2V10A2496W

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