Manageable PoE Ruler Patch Panel

The <strong>JFA Manageable PoE Ruler Patch Panel</strong> allows you to <strong>control up to 10 devices online</strong>, with <strong>data and power traffic</strong> on the same UTP (PoE) cable. This feature reduces the amount of cables in the installation, facilitating <strong>space organization</strong> and equipment management.

The <strong>JFA Manageable PoE Ruler Patch Panel</strong> uses SNMP protocol and can be connected to some network management software (Manager and Zabbix – not included). <strong>Its web interface allows for real time monitoring of all functionalities.</strong>


  • Telecommunications equipment;
  • Wireless access points;
  • CCTV equipment;
  • Telephony over IP (VoIP);
  • Industrial power grids.

Main features

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