FAST PoE Patch Panel Ruler

The JFA FAST PoE Patch Panel Ruler allows you to control up to 10 devices online, with data and power traffic on the same UTP (PoE) cable. This feature reduces the amount of cables in the installation, facilitating space organization and equipment management.

Use the JFA FAST PoE Patch Panel Ruler to power devices with voltages between 10.8 Vdc and 52.8 Vdc — it is also possible to use a UPS together, thus ensuring continuous power supply.

The JFA FAST PoE Patch Panel Rulersystem has individual protection and shielded RJ4 connectors.


  • Telecommunications equipment;
  • Wireless access points;
  • CCTV equipment;
  • Telephony over IP (VoIP);
  • Industrial power grids.

They can be found with 5 or 10 ports. Check the technical characteristics in the table at the bottom of the page.

Main features